Manning of stands

Exhibitors are to remain on their stands until the venue is cleared of visitors each evening. The show times will appear on advertising material and must be adhered to by all exhibitors.

Penalties will be enforced to exhibitors leaving stands and venue before close of show.

“Terms & Conditions Clause: 6.3 The exhibitor shall keep the stand open and adequately staffed whenever the exhibition is open to the public”.

The Organiser reserves the right to close off an exhibitor’s stand should the exhibit not be completed 2 hours prior to the opening of the exhibition (Friday 10H00), alternatively the Organiser may fine the exhibitor 10% of contract signed (see Terms & Conditions of contract) for every hour that the exhibitor’s stand is not completed timeously and the exhibitor shall pay such fine on demand.

Exhibitors will be allowed access to the exhibition area one hour before the exhibition opens and must leave the premises within 30 minutes of close of show daily, at which time the venue will be locked and will remain locked until the following day.