Exhibitor Tips

Stand Judging

Additional points to be considered:

  • Does the stand achieve the desired objective?
  • Is it easy to approach, enter and exit the stand?
  • Does it reflect the desired image of the company?
  • Not too overwhelming or ostentatious?
  • Use of creativity within design?
  • What sets this stand apart from its competitors?
  • Are graphics easily legible at appropriate distances?
  • Is there too much copy for the visitor to read?
  • Is copy displayed at a comfortable reading height?
  • Are there too many buzz words or over-technical copy?
  • Does the stand say what’s in it for the visitor, i.e. needs and benefits?
  • Is branding and marketing material of high quality and effective?
  • If used, is video unit adequately housed or does it appear as an out-of-place-afterthought?
  • Are there any items that are not connected with the theme of the stand?
  • Is the stand well lit?
  • Extras in terms of hospitality, e.g. flowers?

Pre-show Promotions

  • Plan and organise your stand well! - “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"
  • Appeal to all five senses
  • You have 3 seconds to attract visitors to your stand – make them count
  • Keep your message clean and simple
  • Invite potential and past clients to visit your stand.
  • Include information on the show on all company correspondence.Download the email signature here. Download a “See us at HOMEMAKERS button” here.
  • Announce the fact that your company will be at the show in all advertising you place.
  • Remember: all printed material must give location, stand number, dates and times.
  • Issue Press releases announcing new products, services and special show promotions.
  • Go Green! Consider your building material fabric panels are a great alternative.

At the show

  • Set goals for staff working the expo, break it up into hourly and daily targets.
  • Rotate Staff
  • Collect a database in electronic format. Save someone having to capture it back at the office. Time is money.
  • Handing out unusual giveaway items with your name and phone number printed on them.
  • Distributing discount voucher valid only for a specific time period after the show.
  • Dress your staff in uniform it creates more brand awareness.
  • Staff training is essential know what your objectives are.
  • Selling skills:
    • Times are tough, but…
    • Cannot catch the wave unless you in the water
    • Be careful of bad sales… talk too much and don’t listen enough
    • Lead with the visitors need
    • Get a conversation going “are you renovating, when is baby due”
    • Always have a first clever question!
    • Assess what is their need
    • Who else would influence their decision “A husband etc”
    • What is the visitors budget
    • What about your product delights them
    • Always thank the consumer for visiting your stand

Post show promotion:

  • Immediately following the show, contact all prospects who visited your stand.
  • Analyse voucher redemption patterns and build a database for the future.
  • Measure your results over a 12 month period
  • Ask for referrals from prospects and customers.

Prohibited marketing practices

  • Exhibitors may not hand out pamphlets from any location other than their stands. Marketing material not being distributed in this way will be confiscated, especially from companies not exhibiting at the expo - solicitation of business or distribution of materials by non-exhibitors will be removed from the show.
  • At the Organisers discretion alterations to stands or removal of items from stands may be necessary in the interest of the show as a whole.
  • If demonstrations cause obstructions within the aisles or are a nuisance to neighbouring stands, the Organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to lower the volume of sound systems or noise emanating from an exhibitor’s stand, which becomes disruptive to the expo and neighbouring exhibitors.
  • Outdoor banners, i.e. teardrops, telescopic banners may not be erected on stands, into aisles or any wall or roof within the venue.

How “not” to greet show visitors

It is critical that your staff create a welcoming atmosphere that makes it appealing for visitors to want to stop by
  • Do not sit – this gives visitors the impression that you don’t care or you’re lazy. Visitors won’t approach or interrupt you.

  • Don’t read – you aren’t able to make eye contact with visitors as they walk by your stand.

    Don’t eat or drink – it’s rude and can be messy. Potential customers are too polite to bother you when you’re eating.

    Don’t ignore visitors – if you’re busy when someone approaches, either acknowledge them or try to include them in your conversation. If you’re speaking to a colleague, break it off immediately.

    Don’t talk on the telephone
    – why do you need a phone on your stand? Time on the phone is time away from potential customers and tells everyone you have better things to do!

    Don’t be a border guard – don’t stand where you become a barricade or block the visitor’s view. Stand near the aisle and off to the side.

    Don’t hand out literature freely
    – try to be discriminating in who gets literature.

    Don’t underestimate prospects – get out of the habit of sizing up somebody simply by the way they look. Qualify them, don’t classify them.

    Don’t cluster with friends and colleagues – nobody will approach a group of strangers, it’s too intimidating. Be more approachable.